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Extended Epilogues

Thank you for reading my books - but don't stop now! 

Click the links below to get your hands on the exclusive Extended Epilogues and take a glimpse into the future of your favourite characters!

Whiskey Duet

Timofey & Piper's Story

Sapphire Duet

Kolya & June's Story

Champagne Duet

Misha & Paige's Story

Arrogant Duet

Daniil & Kinsley's Story

Tarnished Duet

Nikolai & Belle's Story

Shattered Duet

Aleks & Liv's Story

Velvet Duet

Issak & Cami's Story 

Gilded Duet

Artem & Esme's Story

Jaded Soul

Cillian & Saoirse's Story

Broken Duet

Luka & Eve's Story


Dmitry & Courtney's Story

Kornilov Bratva

Viktor & Molly's Story

Lies He Told Me

Gavril & Joy's Story

Sins He Taught  Me

Gavril & Joy's Story


Kostya & Charlotte's Story

Owned By

Erik & Camille's Story

Knocked Up

Aleksander & Zoya's Story

Trapped With

Yuri & Bella's Story

Satin Duet

Anton & Jessa's Story

Ravaged Duet

Leo & Willow's Story

Immaculate Duet

Dima & Arya's Story

Ripped Duet

Phoenix and Elyssa’s Story

Jaded Devil

Kian & Renata's Story

Lullaby Duet

Lucio & Charlotte's Story

Devil at  the Alter

Angelo & Dani's Story

Corrupted Trilogy

Gabriel & Alexis' Story

Scars He Gave Me

Tomas & Corinne's Story


Vin & Eliza's Story


Maksim & Cassandra's Story

Unprotected With

Lev & Allison's Story

Sold By

Nikita & Annie's Story

Stolen By

Roman & Lucy's Story

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