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All books are available for paperback purchase on Amazon and can also be found on Kindle Unlimited.

I have linked each below for your convenience!

Please note, there are definitely dark themes throughout my books.

I would suggest looking up any trigger warnings prior to reading any of my work.

Happy reading queens!

Cruel Duet

WhatsApp Image 2023-08-27 at 10.42.06 AM (2).jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2023-08-27 at 10.42.06 AM (3).jpeg

Whiskey Duet

Whiskey Poison.jpeg
Whiskey Pain.jpeg

Sapphire Duet

Sapphire Tears.jpeg
Sapphire Scars.jpeg

Tarnished Duet

Tarnished Tyrant.jpg
Tarnished queen.jpg

Shattered Duet

Shattered Alter.jpg
Shattered Cradle.jpg

Velvet Duet

Velvet Devil.jpg
Velvet Angel.jpg

Ripped Duet

Ripped Veil.jpg
Ripped Lace.jpg

Gilded Duet

Gilded Cage.jpg
Gilded Tears.jpg

Cognac Duet

Cognac Villain.jpeg
Cognac Vixen.jpeg

Champagne Duet

Champagne Venom.jpeg
Champagne Wrath.jpeg

Arrogant Duet

Arrogant Monster.jpeg

Satin Duet

Satin Sinner.jpg
Satin Princess.jpg

Ravaged Duet

Ravaged Crown.jpg
Ravaged Throne.jpg

Immaculate Duet

Immaculate Deception.jpg
Immaculate Corruption.jpg

Jaded Duet

Jaded Soul.jpg
Jaded Devil.jpg

Lullaby Duet

Liars Lullaby.jpg
Sinners Lullaby.jpg

Volkov Bratva

Broken Vows.jpeg
Broken Hope.jpg
Broken Sins.jpeg

Corrupted Trilogy

Corrupted Angel.jpeg
Corrupted Queen.jpeg
Corrupted Empirw.jpeg

Bratva Crime Syndicate

Lies He Told Me.jpeg
Scars He Gave Me.jpeg
Sins He Taught Me.jpeg

De Maggio Duet

Devil In A Suit.jpeg
Devil At The Alter.jpeg

Kornilov Duet

Married To The Don.jpeg
Till Death Do Us Part.jpeg

Tsezar Duet


Russian Brotherhood

Stolen By The Mob Boss.jpg
Trapped With The Mob Boss.jpeg

Russian Brotherhood Cont.

Sold To The Mob Boss.jpeg
Knocked Up By The Mob Boss.jpeg
Unprotected With The Mob Boaa.jpg
Owned By The Mob Boss.jpg
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